Capitol City Mini Storage on I 80/35

4455 SE Capitol Circle
Grimes, IA 50111
Phone: (515) 986-3934

Office and Gate Hours:

7:30 AM to 8:30 PM daily
We are closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Capitol City Mini Storage Metro East

2222 Guthrie Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50317
Phone: (515) 262-7688

Office Hours:

9:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily.

Gate Hours:

7:30 AM to 8:30 PM daily.
We are closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Self-Storage Tips: How to Pack Your Belongings

1. Do not load too much weight into one box. If you feel it has become heavy, divide the contents into two boxes. Remember that though they might seem sturdy, the taping on a box cannot withstand a lot of weight.

2. On all sides of each storage item, write down what it contains and to what room it belongs. Do not write just on one side. Sometimes, and to your bad luck, that side will be on top or bottom.

3. Books, magazines and other paper files can get very heavy. They are easy to pack, but do not overload them it will be near to impossible to pick them up.

4. Wrap all paper objects such as books and magazines in plastic bags or plastic coverings before placing them in the box. This will prevent them either from accumulating moisture or from getting wet in case it rains when you are moving in.

5. For delicate items, use extra paper. Wrap paper around each item several times. Note that this wrapping will ensure that your chinaware or crystal glasses remain intact.

6. Before placing any kind of wooden furniture into self-storage, wax them well with wood varnish. This prevents moisture from affecting the wood. Likewise, if your furniture can be dismantled easily, do so. It will prolong the life of that piece. If you dismantle furniture, collect the nuts and bolts of each item into a plastic bag and tape it firmly to the dismantled set. In addition, place thick cloth such as old carpets between wooden pieces to prevent one scratching the other.

7. Wrap your mattresses in the special bags available at any hardware store. This will prevent them from absorbing moisture and losing shape. Never place an unprotected mattress on bare concrete, it will absorb moisture from the concrete and will ruin the mattress. The same applies to fabric furniture. Never allow the fabric to touch the concrete. Wrap the furniture with plastic to protect from dust and humidity.

8. Take into consideration that the stuff you place in self-storage might freeze. If you think this will cause some of your items to break, arrange for an air-conditioned storage where the temperature is controlled.

9. If you are storing food, (this is not recommended) place them in sealed jars or other plastic containers like Totes. Do not keep them only in a plastic or paper. Rodents or insects will get to them and they can freeze in winter months or break open during hot summer months causing damage to your stuff.
10. Store all your electronic equipment in their original boxes. Otherwise, wrap them as if you were wrapping glass or crystal.

11. Don’t place compact discs in plastic wrap because if the storage facility heats up during summer months, these might destroy the disc. The same applies to video tapes.

12. Do you have any object made of metal or a similar alloy? Apply a thin coating of oil before you wrap them. You can use the cheapest oil available.

13. Place some moth balls inside the boxes where you store your clothes.

14. Cupboards are generally bulky and take up a lot of room. Organize it so that you can place linen and other clothes in them for storage.

15. Cardboard boxes will absorb moisture if placed on a concrete floor. Use plastic Totes for your stuff or place pallets under the boxes for air circulation.